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Championships is the perfect title for Meek Mill’s latest album.  In the album, Meek explains what he means by championships – detailing how he’s beat the streets, the system, racism, and poverty. After making it through, its clear he’s winning in life and has reached the championship stage of life although still on bail.  The album has features from a long list of top artists in the game like Jay Z, Future, Rick Ross, Cardi B, Roddy Ricch, Kodak black and many more!


Meek Mill has never let his fans down with a bad intro and he didn’t on this tape. The production of this album is top notch with instrumentals sampling songs such as ‘In The Air Tonight’ by Phil Collins, ‘What’s Beef’ by Notorious BIG, ‘Dead Presidents’ by Jay-Z and ‘Me Myself and I’ by Beyoncé. Meek opens in his first song ‘Trauma’ about his most recent conviction and the reality of being trapped in the American system. He makes it apparent that becoming a slave in the 21st century is a possibility, no matter how far you come from the trenches. “Is it self-hate that made you send me upstate?”. Several allegations of the judge’s inappropriate conduct riddled his case and it seems the only logical conclusion that Meek could reach was that she had it out for her own.


One of my favourite tracks on the album is ‘What’s Free’. The late Notorious B.I.G’s “What’s Beef” sample is augmented by verses from Rick Ross and Jay-Z, producing a rich braggadocious sound. Meek has been waiting for this verse from Hov for a long time and he delivered a verse that was well worth the wait. He clears the air and addresses the critics, “Don’t Michael and Prince me and Ye”, informing them that regardless of their differences, him and Kanye will still always be brothers. This was a very conscious track and Meek got two of the biggest bosses in the game to let us know what it truly means to be free.


Meek educates us on the game, breaking it down to three simple rules while reminding us to never forget where we came from in ‘Respect the game’. Which samples ‘A Garden of Peace’ by Lonnie Liston, the same sample Jay Z uses in ‘Dead Presidents’. A sense of nostalgia resonates throughout the song as Meek’s humility becomes apparent. It is evident Meek is aiming to inspire the many young men that get money to remain focused because “Niggas disappear as quick as Lil Xan”.


After four long years, we see the resurgence of a Drake feature. After squashing their beef, fans no longer need to choose sides and can enjoy the reunion of Meek and Drake. The song itself doesn’t reach the height of “Rico” or “Amen” but it’s a great example that the rap game is stronger when artists join forces.


Meek loves to give at least one R&B love song and the one we get on this album is 24/7 featuring Ella mai. Sampling Beyoncé’s ‘Me, Myself and I’ it is easy to mistake Ella for Beyonce during her acoustic segment. 24/7 is a smooth R&B track from the pair.


Meek has got a thing for Spanish music recently and this is clear with features from Spanish artists Annuel AA and Melli. Its good to hear this new side of Meek as rappers like Drake, Cardi B and 21 Savage have been collabing with Spanish artists. Cold hearted II is a good outro to end a solid album; sampling the Weeknd “I Was Never There’. Meek speaks over the instrumental about friendship, money and loyalty. This is like Meek’s post-game interview after his championship game shouting out those who were there for him and talking about his game and the things he’s seen.


Alongside with Nipsey Hussle’s ‘Victory Lap’ this album is potentially album of the year.

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